Do you have a project that needs special equipment, assembly, or handling?  APTech has a range of shop capabilities that may be invaluable to your goals!


Along with standard machine shop capabilities, we have an array of micro-shop equipment: jeweler’s lathes, micro spot welding, polishing and surface finish, and accurate alignment and assembly.



APTech’s Research and Development capabilities include work function measuring systems, field emitter array deposition including liftoff layer and multi-part emitter options, thermionic emission measurements and surface analysis, field emission measurements over a large range of currents and operating atmospheres, custom electron or ion optical modeling, and custom electron or ion gun production including focusing and deflection. We also partner with various end users, national laboratories and OEM’s to offer our design and engineering assistance for a wide variety of applications. APTech has been the ideal company for many joint projects and products due to our experienced R&D team and available resources.

On-site, APTech has the ability to cut, zone refine, Laue and shape both borides and carbides, via our specialized processes. We have a production team dedicated to working with various sizes of cathodes and various materials, including working on extremely small assemblies. APTech also has a clean room dedicated to cathode assembly and R&D projects.


Our electronic shop includes repair on various electronics parts, electron flood guns, and W(CO)6 reservoirs for FIB systems.

Applied Physics Technologies is involved both in the production and development of electron emitting materials and electron sources. Custom design and fabrication capabilities augment our standard catalog items to meet our customers' needs. Partnering is available for your more challenging product requirements, particularly for key component realization. Applied Physics Technologies maintains an active role in fundamental electron emission research and publication, striving to bring the newest ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.


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