Applied Physics Technologies Expertise

Long history of thermionic and field emission research

Surface physics and work function analysis as applied to field emission and thermionic emission cathodes

Field and thermionic emission materials and cathode fabrication

Structured field emitter array cathode deposition

Field emission and thermionic cathode testing in UHV, Ar, O2, CO2 or other atmospheres

Supplier of oriented single crystals of refractory metals, carbides, and borides

R&D Capabilities

•Custom cathode design, fabrication, and testing

Custom electron or ion optical modeling

Custom electron or ion gun production including focusing and deflection

Work function measuring systems; photoelectron, thermionic, and absolute

(or FERP)

SEM with EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy)

Thermionic emission measurements and surface analysis

Field emission measurements over large range of currents and operating atmospheres


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R&D Capabilities

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