President & CEO ~ Marcus Straw Ph. D.

Marcus holds a Ph. D. in Applied Physics from the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Portland State University, and a Bachelor's degree from Clark University in Worcester, MA. He has over 20 years of experience driving advanced technology efforts in the semiconductor, life science, materials science, and natural resources markets. His long track record leading all aspects of complex innovation programs -- including technology scouting & assessment, technology development, and strategic market analysis -- has led to 11 patents and numerous peer reviewed publications. Marcus has a broad background in lasers, charge particle optics, plasma diagnostics, spectroscopy, and surface physics.

Chief Technical Officer ~ Gerald (Bud) Magera Ph. D.

Bud received his Ph.D. from OGI (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, now a division of Oregon Health and Sciences University) in Electrical Engineering in 1993 after attending Linfield College as an undergraduate. The following 13 years were spent at the FEI Company as a Research Scientist in the Beam Technology Division. Bud joined APTech in 2006. Areas of expertise include electron and ion source development, charged particle optics, high voltage systems, vacuum technology, and surface physics and chemistry related to electron and ion emission. Bud has been granted five electron source patents.

Sales Manager ~ Josh M. Lovell

Josh Lovell, Bachelor of Science in Physics 2010, joined the APTech team after graduation from Linfield College. Josh has become a key resource in our Research & Development department where he has researched and co-published work aimed at using transitional metal carbides as thermal, cold field as well as extended Schottky sources. As a member of the R&D team, Josh was highly involved with our Ga liquid metal ion source (LMIS) and transitioning development projects to APTech production products. Josh currently is Sales Manager and travels to many of our conferences and trade shows as a technical representative of APTech. Josh has recently taken an active role in our operations department as our Product & Process Scientist. In this role, he has been an integral part in implementing our new MRP system, improving processes and procedures throughout the company, and overseeing quality control.

Production/ Operations Manager ~ Sarah E. Searcy

Sarah started her 2nd endeavor at APTech in 2009. She supports many of our manufacturing processes from LaB6 & CeBix® shaping, to cathode assembly, tungsten wire etching, Schottky emitter building, and processing our Ga liquid metal ion sources (LMIS). As Production/ Operations Manager, Sarah is a key part of the connection between our R&D and production teams and coordinates production scheduling and quality control. Aside from daily operations, outside of APTech Sarah is involved in many aspects of community service, she has volunteered in our local soup kitchen, animal shelter, food bank, and is a member of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Business Operations Manager and CFO ~ Brooke L. Anderson, CPA

Brooke Anderson had an interest in mathematics from a very early age. Her natural inclination toward the field led to a curiosity about accounting which was nurtured by her college professors. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Brooke was awarded an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management. This led to Brooke’s current role as a Controller and CFO at Applied Physics Technologies. Brooke manages and oversees all business planning. In addition to setting up accounting procedures and programs, she loves working with a team and learning about new businesses. Recently Brooke received the 2014 Young Professional of the Year Award from the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce.

Founder & Sr. Scientist ~ William Mackie Ph. D.

Bill received his Ph.D. from OGI (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, now a division of Oregon Health and Sciences University) in Applied Physics in 1987. He joined the faculty at Linfield College, his undergraduate alma mater, and conducted research on transition metal carbides at Linfield Research Institute. He has a lengthy list of publications in the areas of transition metal carbides, field emission cathodes, thermionic sources, and thin film uses of refractory materials. Along with his full-time duties at Applied Physics Technologies, he is professor emeritus of physics at Linfield College and a former director of the Linfield Research Institute. View a list of his publications.

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