Installing a CeBix® cathode in a Self Biased or an Independently Biased System

If you have a Self Biased System and are installing a CeBix® cathode, you must:


1. Increase the distance between the tip of the crystal and the Wehnelt cap. For example, when installing a cathode in a JEOL JBX‐5DII Lithography system, the crystal truncation should be recessed from the front surface of the Wehnelt 3/5 one turn for LaB6, or 3/4 turn for CeBix®. Use a similar tip distance relationship when installing CeBix® in other LaB6 instruments.




2. Increase the bias resistance by a factor of 2.


*In some cases you will need to perform a combination of #1 and #2


If you have an Independently Biased System and are installing a CeBix® cathode, simply operate it the same way as you would operate a LaB6 cathode. Do expect, however, the total emission current to be approximately half of that obtained when operating a LaB6 cathode.




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