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Applied Physics Technologies is a world leader in the production and manufacturing of electron emitting cathodes. The main attribute that sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a strong emphasis in the creation of custom cathodes. APTech works with its clients to design cathodes that meet their needs and specifications. We assist new customers by breaking down our product into four main areas: source material, cathode dimension, mount, and parts.

Don't Know Where to Start?

You can select a cathode that we already produce from our Applications Guide or custom design one to meet your specifications. Applied Physics Technologies' R&D team partners with many customers to design a cathode customized to meet their needs. Contact us and speak with one of our specialists, explain your application use and we can help guide you in the right direction. You can also take a look at our new Cathode Guide, which displays many of the cathode options that APTech makes available to you.

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