CeBix® & LaB6 Cathode Storage Instructions

If storing cathodes for a short-term or long-term period, please remove the plug on the bottom of the black base on the inner shipping container. Remove the desiccant pouch. The remaining inner shipping container and acrylic cap are suitable for vacuum or desiccator storage.


APTech recommends storing the inner shipping container in a clean and dry environment. The ideal place to store LaB6 or CeBix®

cathodes is in vacuum. Other recommendations would be desiccator or in a nitrogen rich atmosphere. On-site, APTech stores LaB6 and CeBix® (for short periods) in a desiccator as shown in the picture.


These are standard products that can be found at most laboratory supply stores. The main concern is the cathode being exposed to oxygen, as this will cause the cathode to oxidize. Once oxidized, a thin white layer will form on various parts of the cathode and the cathode will no longer be usable.


APTech highly recommends that LaB6 and CeBix® cathodes be stored for no longer than 3-6 months. Please note that APTech will offer a warranty return analysis up to 6 months from the build date listed on the cathode data sheet and label.


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